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About Us

We Are Hairston Hauling

Hairston Hauling has years of expertise in transporting vehicles faster and safely across the country. We are always committed to providing you the highest standards of care and service to handle your vehicle’s transportation. Our professional dedicated staff is dedicated to delivering reliability and value for money services.

Professional Haulers

We are a top-rated car hauler company. We deliver your car safely without you ever having to break any sweat. Only professionals and experts are involved in the entire transportation process.

Door to Door Transportation

You are just required to mention a specific address and we will get your car delivered to the exact location seamlessly. This saves your time from a visit to a collection depot and being involved in long paperwork. We value your time!

Extended Service

Unlike, other car hauling services, we are here to dedicate ourselves to provide 365 days of service. We are ready to handle your vehicle’s transportation needs. Call us today!

Our Mission

We only want to focus on delivering effective and quality car hauling services for customers. We want to help our customers’ problems related to auto transportation by providing seamless auto hauling services at reasonable prices. Our mission is to make car hauling and car shipping a much simpler process with less bureaucracy.

Our Vision

Hairston Hauling wants to become an industry standard and benchmark for car hauling services. We have aimed to achieve this vision by delivering effective vehicle transport and car freight solutions to our customers. We want to give you the best car shipping quotes.



The average time taken to deliver a vehicle depends on the route and nature of the delivery. However, our expert drivers and professionals always try to make the auto transportation process a seamless and safe experience.

Yes, it is possible to track your vehicle. You can just give us a phone call or drop an email and mention your vehicle type and order number. Our executive will help you out to know the status.

Yes, it matters because we will need to arrange oversize vehicle transport. Large vehicles occupy more space on our trailers.

Yes, all the vehicles in our transportation are insured according to their value. This gives you insurance against damages caused during transportation.